On behalf of the Board of the Football Association of Ireland, we want to thank all those who have contributed in any way to the production of our FAI Strategy 2022-2025. We are sure you will agree that this is a most comprehensive and inspirational map for the future of Irish football.

In recent months those charged with producing this Strategy have reached out to all strands of the game and engaged with the stakeholders who will now help us to mould the future of the FAI. That work, we can assure you, has the full backing of the FAI Board.

This is a progressive document and we are now very much a progressive Board, shaped by the recent Governance changes and embracing independent directors alongside traditional football representatives like never before.

Thanks to the make-up of this new look Board we believe, we will deliver the change on and off the pitch that is demanded by all our members across every facet of Irish football to bring this plan to life. We are certainly totally committed to this transformation and we will deliver it in a transparent, productive and engaging manner.

Success on the field is something we all aspire to for all our teams but the success of this FAI Strategy 2022-2025 will be measured in so many other ways. It will demand focus to deliver on the pillars and enablers contained within and we must all be held accountable in that delivery, for the lifetime of this Strategy and beyond. We all owe that much to Irish football.

As a Board we look forward to sharing this journey with you all.

Ní neart go cur le


Football is the biggest sport in Ireland and the FAI is responsible for delivering the Strategy contained in this document to 2025 and beyond – welcome to the future, our future together.

It is, by its very definition, an exciting future for the number one participation sport in the country and we should all be proud and excited of the part we have to play now in shaping that future.

Over the next four years and the lifespan of this FAI Strategy 2022-2025, we have the opportunity and the responsibility to develop, transform and inspire an Association that can unite and deliver across all our pillars for all our members.

In the coming pages you will read how we intend to develop Irish football for men and women, boys and girls, at all levels of our game.

That will be a challenge and opportunity so, I hope, you will see a little bit of yourself in the pages of this Strategy as well. You will discover how you can aspire to do your best in an Irish context for the best game in the world, how you can take ownership of our future.

This is the FAI Strategy 2022-2025 and it is our Strategy, yours and mine. It belongs to me, to you and to every administrator, coach, fan, player, referee and volunteer from Malin Head to Mizen Head.

It is up to all of us now to deliver this new and progressive FAI, to capitalise on the governance reforms, the transparency and the clarity of thought and vision that have followed the events of recent years.

We are now an Association for the future. And to deliver a fitting future for every girl and boy taking their first footsteps on their own field of dreams over the lifetime of this Strategy, we must come together like never before.

We must work together, without division or rancour or historical prejudice, to deliver to our full potential in every club, every community, every village, town and city in Ireland. We must give the Irish people a game to be proud of.

As we continue our Centenary celebrations of the past 100 years so we should look to the next four years, the next decade and the next hundred years with optimism and determination.

Along with our Board, I look forward to working with you all to deliver on the promise contained in this strategy.

We Are The FAI. #WeAreOne